Physio Remuera

Meet our team of skilled and passionate physiotherapists in Remuera, or just a short walk from Newmarket.

We provide an extended initial consultation to ensure that we spend time to thoroughly assess and diagnose your injury. During the session we will also provide you with information about your injury, treat and prescribe exercises that is most suited for your injury at the time.

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Jenny Chen

Jenny graduated from AUT in 2013 with a BHSc (physiotherapy) and later completed her postgraduate study in acupuncture. Since graduating, she has dedicated her work in private practice and refined her skills as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist. She was part of the Eden Physio team and moved on to work for Mt Roskill Physio and Motion Health and has now started her own journey, founding M.R.S Physio.

Jenny has developed a keen interest for treating sports related injuries and providing one to one rehabilitation programs following an injury or surgery.

She has experience with clinical work, gym based rehabilitation, and as a side-line physio. Jenny has gained valuable experience working as a side-line physiotherapist for a range of sports including rugby, rugby league, soccer and touch rugby at a national level.

Jenny enjoys exploring the great outdoors and plays a variety of sports including touch rugby, turbo touch and indoor netball. She also fits in a gym routine to improve her strength, mobility, flexibility and coordination needed for the sports she plays.

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Angela Crowley

Angela qualified with Honors in Physiotherapy from University College Dublin (UCD). Since graduating she has developed into a skilled clinician within the private practice setting. She has treated a range of clients, from professional athletes to the everyday individual, and has great interest in all types of injury management and exercise-based rehabilitation.

Angela is a hands-on manual therapist and enjoys tapping into her creative mind making rehab fun and interactive with clients from across the lifespan to reach their goals. She draws from a blend of treatment modalities such as manual therapy, dry-needling and exercise prescription, and is a strong advocate of healthy lifestyle promotion and self-management

Since a young age, Angela played Gaelic football competitively and represented her teams to an elite level in Ireland. Unfortunately, her sporting pathway took a turn after her ACL injury in her later teen years. Having dealt with a few injuries herself, she has gained invaluable experiences and understandings of both the physical and emotional demands of injury recovery and rehabilitation.

In the sporting realm, she has worked with high-level gymnasts and has also worked as physio for the Irish Ladies Basketball Team.

In her spare time, Angela loves trying new food, and after a period of travelling through Asia, she enjoys trying out new recipes herself at home.