Recovery from injury

Injury rehabilitation plays a critical role in restoring movement and improving function following an injury, surgery or aggravation of a chronic condition. Treatment and rehabilitation goals are guided by the stages (acute, sub-acute and chronic) of injury and tissue healing.  During the acute phase of injury, the aim is to reduce pain, swelling and minimise further damage to the injured and surrounding tissues.  The second, subacute phase involves controlled movement, strength and flexibility exercises to enhance movement and function.  The final phase comprises of strength and conditioning and sport specific drills in preparation for the individual to return to play.  Often in this stage, pain has subsided and people often think that they can return to their chosen activity or sport without realising the risk of re-injury or compensated movement. 

Common conditions and rehabilitation

Our physios are highly trained in exercise and manual therapy to help address any muscle dysfunction, joint stiffness and balance disturbances after an injury. We will tailor treatment and exercise programs based on your level of mobility and individual goals. During the recovery phase we will recommend and source appropriate braces and support you need to keep you moving. We also provide individualised gym-based rehabilitation programs to help you regain strength and conditioning for safe return to play.

We provide physiotherapy, one to one supervised exercise and sport specific training programs for the following conditions: 

  • Muscle, calf, hamstring and quad, strains

  • Ligament sprains, ankle sprains, knee sprains

  • Post shoulder surgery including arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, labral repair, menisectomy

  • Post ACL surgery

  • Shoulder injuries, rotator cuff injuries, bursitis or tendinosis

  • Lower back pain, sciatica, disc derangement, facet joint pain

  • Neck pain, headaches

  • Hip pain: muscle imbalance or inflexibility

  • Tendinopathies: Achilles, patella/ jumpers knee, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, rotator cuff

  • Tendon rupture, Achilles rupture

  • Runner's knee